Getting Ready For Your Trip Overseas

Most countries require visitors who are planning to study abroad to obtain visas before entering. Check with the embassy of the foreign country that you are planning to visit for up-to-date visa and other entry requirements. Don’t get caught overstaying your visa. Check the renewal requirements prior to departure and periodically for any changes.

The government can move slowly so apply early for your passport and visas.

Do your homework before you depart. Learn about the countries that you plan to visit. This is extremely easy with the advent of the Internet. Take your time to do some research about the people and their culture, and any problems that the country is experiencing that may affect your travel plans. Check for information on the country’s culture, history, geography, economy, government, and current political situation.

Watch the news and check online for travel warnings and public announcements. Travel warnings recommend people defer travel to a country because of dangerous conditions. Public Announcements provide fast-breaking information about relatively short-term conditions that may pose risks to the security of travelers. Please note that just because there are problems in one part of a country doesn’t mean that the entire country has problems. Find out whether your school offers additional information for international students, especially as it relates to arrival and orientation.

Eagles Horizon Consult can keep you abreast of such and other information about studying abroad. We will supply you with information on any travel benefits for students (e.g. how to save money on transportation and accommodations, and other resources.) You can also find a lot of useful information about scams and rip-offs that new foreign students need to be aware of.

Become familiar with the basic laws and customs of the country you plan to visit before you travel.

Remember – Reckless behavior while in another country can do more than ruin your vacation; it can land you in a foreign jail or worse! To have a safe trip, avoid risky behavior and plan ahead.

Some of the things to consider before choosing abroad universities

Overseas education comes with lots of benefits such as adding color to your curriculum vitae and increasing your chances of career and financial growth. However, there are several factors to consider before settling down with any particular institution abroad. Some of the considerations are the country where one wants to study, consequences of choosing a particular Study Abroad University, the field in which an individual wants his/ her major, expectations from the specific university and country, global rating, available facilities, choice of dwelling (campus or own arrangement) and most importantly financial concerns.

When you finish answering these questions honestly, you will get some in-depth into the whole process.

The place of study is very important when trying to choose a good school abroad. It is okay to want beautiful landscapes and cool weather etc., but those should not be your first set of considerations. Instead, choose a college which ranks high on your anticipations, especially in the aspects of course program, scholarships, the experience of faculties and scope for research, etc.
After deciding on the above factors, you can lay emphasis on recreational activities such as vacations, part-time job scope, cultural mix, and the likes.

Another factor is the assistance of a good educational consultancy about your choice institution. At Eagles Horizon consult, we equip you with insider tips and tricks because of our experience and affiliation with top educational institutions abroad.  We are sensitive to students’ situations and react to them aptly that is why you can trust us to handle all your queries.

Also, make sure that you have proper eligibility regarding prior academic performance, appropriate competency tests (GMAT, GRE or TOEFL scores), prior work experience and so on depending on the advice of your counselor. The foreign universities will assess your personality and character as part of the consideration for acceptance into their school.

The financial aspect of studying abroad holds eminent significance. If you think you do not have ample resources to sustain the whole fee structure, you could find out about available scholarships. Some other means to save adequate money while studying abroad are as include finding roommates or paying guest accommodation to lower your accommodation expenses, cooking your own food rather than eat at cafeterias and restaurants, and keeping yourself abreast with the currency value of your home country as against the country where you are studying. This infuses a sense of assessment and will give you response on your financial condition from time to time.

The cultural experience that you would gain from studying abroad is significant; you will have a chance to know diverse folks, music, dance, language, rituals, and food. Overseas education can be an enormously worthwhile experience and you can start off with us at Eagles Horizon Consult.